Our Services

A Flexible Range of Consulting Services

Projects, Workshops, Retainers

We can offer our consulting solutions on a project basis. The typical project is 2-3 months long with weekly steering meetings, but can be as short as a few days for workshops. We will align with you on clear deliverables and milestones. We work only on projects that we have expertise on, so you do not pay for our learning curve

Additionally, we offer retainers and serve as external advisers. We can fully integrate with your team, to support ongoing efforts or provide specific expertise. We provide our services both on-site or remotely on a flexible hourly based contract

Our Services

At The Forefront Of The Industry

Corporate PPAs

We have advised on the design, negotiation and implementation of several physical and virtual CPPA in Japan. We can help you:

  • Clarify your needs and design the best corresponding PPA scheme
  • Quantify risks and Price the PPA
  • Review and negotiate contracts
  • Find necessary partners to manage the risks, get market access, or perform balancing obligations
  • Execute and Implement the PPA

Investment Decisions & M&A

We accompany you during the investment decision process by bringing in the power market regulatory knowledge, analysis and modeling to help you maximize your project value. We usually help our clients with financial modeling, risk review and quantification and due diligence support

  • Asset development and monetization, including for BESS
  • Assets acquisition or sell
  • M&A
  • New products and services development

Industry Workshops

We have conducted several workshops for assets developers, investors and companies entering the Japanese power market. We offer tailored workshops to help your team:

  • Clarify Japan power market regulatory framework
  • Understand the power markets mechanisms, players and stakeholders
  • Define  assets monetization options (PPA, FIP mechanisms and calculation etc.)
  • Power and ancillary services markets trading options
  • and  more based on your specific needs

Research and Analysis

Our problem solving approach is quantitative and this reflects in our research and analysis work. You can leverage our extensive experience in:

  • Market and Regulation analysis
  • Financial modeling
  • Risk analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Pricing

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